Unable to view Value Set Values in Oracle EBS R12.2

Unable to view Value Set Values in Oracle EBS R12.2

Issue Summary

  • Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) value sets do not appear in the List of Values (LOV) in the Values form FNDFFMSV after upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.2 or higher.
  • Users are not able to insert or update any independent or dependent value set values after the upgrade.

Investigation Done

Release 12.2.2 includes a new security feature, flexfield value set security, to control who can create or modify flexfield values in the Flexfield Values setup form (FNDFFMSV).  Because this is a security feature, it is enabled by default.

After the upgrade, users will not be able to create or modify any independent or dependent value sets in the Flexfield Values setup form (FNDFFMSV) until access is specifically granted to that user by setting up the feature.

1. Release 12.2 onwards Oracle has introduced a new feature of 'Flexfield value set security'. 

2. This features controls who can view, insert, or update values for a particular value set (by flexfield, report, or value set) in the Segment Values form (FNDFFMSV). Flexfield value set security affects independent and dependent value sets for flexfields and report parameters, including Independent, Translatable Independent, Dependent, and Translatable Dependent value set types. Flexfield value set security also affects parent values for Table Validated value sets where the "Allow Parent Values" flag is checked for the value set. 

3. The effect of flexfield value set security is that a user of the Segment Values form will only be able to view those value sets for which the user has been granted access. Further, the user will be able to insert or update/disable values in that value set if the user has been granted privileges to do so. 


1. You can have to create value set specific "Roles" and then grant those roles to your specific users. Once done, the users will be able to view or modify those specific value sets. This has to be done via 'User Management' responsibility.

2. As an alternate, Oracle has given the option of backword compatibility, which is a feature like releases prior to R12.2, wherein users could view all value sets and have the access to update them. To this this take the following steps:

2.1. Login as SYSADMIN and navigate to 'User Management' responsibility.

2.2. Query the user that you want to grant access to all value sets > and grant the following role 

  • Role = Flexfield Value Set Security: All privileges

2.3 This role provides view, insert and update privileges for the values of all independent and dependent value sets for flexfields and report parameters. This role should ONLY be assigned to users for backwards compatibility. The result of having this role is that if the user has access to the Values form (Key Flexfield, Descriptive Flexfield, and Validation) on a menu, the user can modify all values for all flexfields and report parameters.


  • MOS Doc id 1612727.1 "Flexfield Value Sets Do Not Appear in List of Values (LOV) in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 on Segment Values Form FNDFFMSV"
  • Oracle® E-Business Suite > Flexfields Guide Release 12.2 Part No. E22963-07 > Lesson 6 "Flexfield Value Set Security" > Initial State of the Feature upon Upgrade 


  • Release 12.2.x Oracle E-Business Suite
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