Oracle Instances in Cloud

Oracle E-Business Suite instances pre-configured for Demo, Development or Testing on Oracle Linux


Zero Infrastucture Investment

Cloud deployment would mean no more investment in on-premise servers and other hardwares


Reduced Overheads

No need to maintain several on-premise development and test instances. No more costs of employing Applications DBA's for repeat installation or backups


High Availability

99.9% uptime on all hardware, and on network connectivity


Access From Anywhere

Access it from internet anywhere in the world


Faster Deployment

Our highly experienced consultants can quickly deploy an environment without delays


SSD Storage

Industry-leading native SSDs for optimal performance


Intel E5 Processors

The fastest processors in the cloud market


40 GB Inbound Network

40Gbps throughput with multiple levels of redundancy



Automated Backups

Automated daily and weekly backups enables you to easily restore from backups anytime


Scalable, Elastic Cloud

Enterprise-grade fast and elastic cloud enables you to resize your cloud instances in a matter of minutes


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